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NFIP Primary Flood

1. Our online system allows you to obtain quotes thru the National Flood Insurance Program, as well as excellent Private Flood options when applicable.

2. We offer competitive commissions, that increase as your production does.

3. Our site offers, training, ongoing support & the ability to not only obtain quotes, but run reports.

4. Rollovers are easy!


Private Residential Flood

  1. Our online portal provides a simple method for obtaining quotes & offers greater value.
  2. We offer replacement cost coverage for primary and/or secondary homes. 
  3. Much higher limits than the NFIP.
  4. No surcharge on secondary homes.


Private RCBAP Flood

  1. Submitting your RCBAP flood risks is easy. NO applications are required.
  2. Up to replacement cost or the total number of units x $300,000, whichever is less.  
  3. Quick turnaround time for your quotes.


Excess Flood

  1. Our excess flood coverage gives piece of mind to your Residential, Commercial & RCBAP clients. 
  2. Wide range of availability: homes, condominiums, apartments, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc.
  3. Ease of submissions.


Private Commercial Flood

1. We offer much higher limits than the NFIP, with replacement cost coverage on the building & contents.

2. Business Income coverage is available at generous limits.

3. Ability to schedule locations.


CBRA Flood

1. New or substantially improved structures that are located within the CBRS  are not able to purchase Federal flood insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program.

2. We offer up to $1M of dwelling coverage for primary and secondary homes.

3. Coverage is follow-form to the NFIP.